check it out.
7 "Freebie" resources that are worth a "small fortune" and accessible at no cost to you "for a limited time" I'm sure because all good things comes to an end as we have seen throughout history time and time again.  

So without further ado here is da list and I suggest you get on each of these people's list and learn what they are doing to be successful online:

1. Drayton Byrd  is giving this away and I quote from his recent email, I'm watching this now btw fresh from Drayton Byrd:

These are unprecedented times, but it is still possible to make a living.

Let's face it, you must.
So here's that link again. (
And here is yesterday's email.
Free advice from Churchill's War Rooms - no charge, no catch
Normally $299.95, yours without any charge or obligation whatsoever.
"We’re all in the same canoe" - old Hawaiian saying.
Here's something useful you can do during the present crisis.
It's yours with my compliments.
On October 20th 2016 the best salesman I ever met in my life spent the day with me and a room full of delegates at Churchill's War rooms in London.
We tried to impart as much wisdom as we could to help people succeed.
If you're curious about what we revealed - here's the original landing page.
It's one of the best days I've ever done and the delegates paid £999 to attend.
All you have to do to get it is follow this link.

2. Jon Benson, the Godfather of the Video Sales Letter is giving away his knowledge to train others how to do VSL's. 

Below is my Facebook post about it but "bottom line" check it out on the link below...
3.  Ben Settle "AKA" El Benbo is another World Class Copywriter who is sharing some pretty cool information and see what's delivery through his daily email's, Email Playa's Club, and his new slick "Freebie" app (for now!) which is really cool.  It plays video, or you can switch with one button stright to audio, And it remembers where you left off.

You can get all up in dat as deep as you choose oer at the link below

He is also the author of a whole lot of books like this one below (Which I own as well as the following and more).

This books is one of his once described "back catalog" of some of Ben's "greatest hits" and I think it's a great value at a very good price.

Or The Villain Books, all great reads packed with information..

But get on his list and get access to his app and you will not be disappointing either!

4. Next, Kenrick Cleveland has been doing some stuff improptu meeting with people and discussing strategies, I'm a lifetime member of Kenrick Cleveland's coaching program and I can tell you he is by far one of the most knowledgeable people out there when it comes to persuasion, NLP and all of that. 

He has a group and I'll include that below.

His website is listed below.

5. Cinco is one of the best in the business, Ken McCarthy,  he does The System Club Letters, another killer source of amazing information.  The SCL is not f.r.e.e but get on his list, and then you can watch these two links below which are REALLY good and he is giving away due to tough times.

Ken has a soothing way, a voice of reason and a quite calm in the storm. Highly recommended. You can pick up the book by clicking the image below.

You can either go there and pick up his book (I have this one and it's superb).  Or go get on his list which is at:

The links he is sharing with his list is really important and i highly recommend you listen to them, then join his list and check out the SCL as it is well worth it.

Ken McCarthy takes care of his people.

6. Finally, number 6 that I recommend you visit is MY website called 

As usual we are giving away a ton of business resources at no charge or at a great price and can offer services as well.

My website has been using keyword based algorithms to scour the interwebz and "pulls in" lost ancient videos on marketing, persuasion, and other hard to find classic business information for almost 2 years and is jam packed with direct response marketing information that's your's for the taking.

Simply use keywords to search or look at old posts on the right hand side, bottom or mid right, and you can watch and learn until your hearts content. 

For example, search by archive history or type keywords for example "Gary Halbert"

Pulls in over 9 pages of blog posts over the last 3 years. Enjoy.

To your safety, health, and prosperity!

I'm out for now.

Clinton Smith

P.S. I did make you another "mindset" video, really pretty powerful if I do so say so myself, and it ties into a 6 step soul soothing mind meditation technique which I developed and have used to manifest all types of things in life from moving from one state to another twice, a house, sums of cashola to get me out of binds, my wife, and more. I have never shared these techniques before because (1) these are my most inner sanctum and personal techniques, and (2) because I guess I didn't want people to think I was "Crazy" when I told them the strange techniques I used to get things to happen in my life the easier way. But given where everyone is at during this crisis, I decided I shouldn't let shyness or self-doubt hold me back and start sharing it anyway.  More to come on that in coming days!  

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